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& Executive

Cognition- "the mental action or process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, experience, and the senses" - Oxford Dictionary; components include attention, memory, and executive function but all domains tend to be interdependent on one another

Executive Functioning- a pillar of cognition; refers to a set of skills that enable someone to plan, adjust, and execute steps necessary for meeting goals; examples of skills include task maintenance, problem solving, working memory, impulse control, and mental flexibility.

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Evaluation & Treatment

Options for therapy may include environmental adaptions/modifications, external aids, and specific tasks that prove challenging for activities of daily living (ADLs). It may also be beneficial to collaborate with a mental health professional as well as a primary caregiver who will offer support and accountability. Individuals who may benefit from executive functioning services include those with a brain injury, ADHD, autism, etc. Cognition and executive functioning may be beneficial for both children and adults. 

It should be noted executive functioning coaching may not be accepted by your insurance but is available through private pay.

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