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Here are some questions you may have regarding services and opportunities provided by Auburn Speech and Apraxia, LLC

Do you take insurance?

Yes, Auburn Speech and Apraxia, LLC is an in-network provider for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama. Check with your specific insurance plan for benefits and coverage as there are many different plans. Private pay options are available, but you may also inquire with your insurance company to see if reimbursement is possible with a Superbill.

How much do services cost?

Please send an email to or call (256) 366-7871 for a breakdown of prices for available services. 

What ages does do you serve?

Services are available to clients of all ages. There is no age minimum or maximum. 

How do I know if speech therapy is right for me/my loved one?

Auburn Speech and Apraxia offers a free 15 minute phone consultation to discuss if therapy services are right for you/a loved one. We can then determine what course of action is best for each individual.

¿Ofrece servicios en español?

Sí, llámame al (256) 366-7871 para hablar en español.

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